WATSON™ is a PC software application designed to download and display graphical data recorded from the battery pack logger during downhole operations. WATSON™ is bundled with every battery pack Innova Power Solutions sells.

DOWNLOAD CRITICAL INFORMATION WATSON™ transfers the stored information such as temperature, current, capacity and shock & vibration from the SMART™ family of battery packs onto any computer. This information is displayed through visual graphs for easy to use operation.
CONFIGURATION WATSON™ allows user to custom configure their SMART battery packs. Users can select how to best configure what data they record from the SMART batteries to meet their needs.
DEPASSIVATION AND LOAD TESTING WATSON software along with load box allows users to run depassivation and load testing on battery. Default load test script that is specific to the battery pack is programmed into the battery logger. Test consists of a three parts: Open circuit test, depassivation process, and load test. Users can run their own saved custom load test scripts that have been created. Test sequence is displayed in real time plot on screen providing users feedback on pack performance. Test results can be saved to file for later review, print a hard copy report, or exported to CSV file.
FEATURES The latest update of WATSON has many great features. In addition to a new look and feel, WATSON has been rewritten and recreated from the ground up to provide a more stable foundation for new feature sets to make getting the job done easier, simpler and quicker. It also automatically switches displays between standard integrated data and high resolution session data for clear understanding of operations. ﷯ - RECORDING CONDITIONS:
Watson allows users to define under what conditions the SMART-4 logs data. WATSON™ can save and load a “snapshot” of a battery packs recorded data. Sharing of the captured information with customers and team members can be indispensable when troubleshooting and diagnosing operational issues. ﷯ - USER DEFINED RECORDING:
User can select what channels and what sampling rates they require, SMART-4 logger is totally customizable. ﷯ - TRI-AXIAL SHOCK & VIBRATION
Now the recording of downhole directional data is recorded on all three axis— shock & vibration in the z-axis and shock & vibration in the lateral x-y axis. ﷯ - NOTES: 
Notes can be added and saved within the log graph window for later review by other team members or to keep historical records. Notes can be created as arrows or horizontal custom lines. ﷯ - PRINT LABELS:
Users can print labels directly from the “Print Label” menu option when a live connection is established with a battery pack. Printing labels allows the user to attach the most current information for the specific battery pack in an easy and simple process. High temperature, chemical resistant labels are easily attached to battery packs to avoid miscommunication ﷯ - GRAPH PALETTES:
A Graph Palette is a new window that is created which showcases two or more battery pack graphs. The recorded data from the battery packs are synced together to give the user a detailed record of downhole operating conditions. 
WATSON connects directly to its server over the Internet, assisting users to always have to the most up to date version. For computers with no Internet connection, such as field units, an update file can be uploaded directly to Watson for updating. 
Detailed histograms are integrated within Watson, allowing users to display and review histograms based on the entire recorded information or a selected sample of data. 
With storage rates up to 500ms/sample, the user can see extremely detailed events like never before.
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