New and Improved


Once a customer experiences using a battery with logger there is no returning back to a ‘dumb’ battery.
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We have packed more new and improved features into our newest battery packs.

Designed from the ground up, the SMART-4 family of loggers along with our WATSON software will easily serve you in any drilling condition for the next decade


  • Increased memory to 8192 Kbyte
  • User configurable channel selection and sampling rates
  • Shock and RMS vibration in the x,y, z axis
  • Improved high temperature performance, operations up to 180ºC
  • Current recordings, capture current spikes with a 32 ms sampling period.
  • Optional Zoe communication for real time data transmission
  • High speed downloading of logger data over power lines. No need for additional communication lines.
  • Reduced power consumption

improvement over smart-3 battery packs

30X increased memory

The SMART 4 Logger now incorporates 8MB of non-volatile memory, increased from 256Kb that was in the SMART-2 & SMART-3 models.
Now with increased storage available, the SMART 4 Loggers, divides memory into integrated and session memory.
Session memory is reserved for high resolution fast sampling of data. Users can select what channels and what sampling rate they want to store data at. This detailed data is  an invaluable tool for diagnosing purposes. The session memory is designed for users to write and rewrite sampling data in any customizable way they like.
Integrated memory functions as permanent, non-erasable memory, which basically serves as a 'black box'. It is designed to record the entire life of the battery, be it 100 hours or 5 years — you won't miss anything.
When reviewing and analyzing data, Watson seamlessly displays integrated and high resolution session data.


Innova Power has always designed and built the most efficient loggers. SMART-4 loggers have been redesigned to use 70% less energy than the SMART 2 and SMART 3 loggers. This means that batteries can be stored for years with no concern of becoming depleted.


  • User defined non-volatile memory storage
  • Multiple user defined storage rates, from 500ms to 1 day
  • Configuration of data acquisition simple with custom predefined configuration files
  • Wide selection of channels to choose from. These standard channels include:
  • Average current
  • Maximum current
  • Average voltage
  • Minimum voltage
  • Temperature
  • Shock and vibration in all axis
  • Depending on battery design, custom data channels are available for detailed tool performance analysis


  • Shock and vibration updated to full 3-Axis
  • RMS vibration in both longitudinal (Z) and lateral (X-Y) axis
  • Shock events in both longitudinal (Z)  and lateral (X-Y) axis captured
  • Number of shock events in longitudinal axis captured and reported

Live communication

Drilling today, for the most part is what it is— you don't know what you don't know. We pride ourselves on breaking down walls and technological barriers; to find what will truly make a difference.
 This live communication is the next evolutionary leap forward in efficiency and power management.
The Zoe module, which is an optional upgrade on the Innova SMART-4 logger, gives the ability for the battery pack to pass data to and from the downhole tool.
Having unprecedented access to a live stream of data, as it's occurring, is fundamental in optimizing operations. We see the SMART-4 RT providing the ability to extend tool life, increase productivity and streamline field operations.
The communication module provides the ability for the logger to reside on the communication bus of the tool. This module is the conduit that allows data to flow from & to the battery pack. With the module approach, a custom hardware (RS485, CanBus) that matches your specifications, along with any custom protocol, can be provided.