Field Reader & Depassivation Box

Part Number: 12-110

Client Comment
"Practical and easy to use "
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Part Number: 12-110
Description: :
Battery Reader SMART4
Connector: EN3 Mini Weather 3-Pin
Maximum Voltage:
Maximum Current:
Operating Temperature:
-40ºC to +50ºC
This device is enclosed in a Pelican case that is weather proof and durable.
 It features a 4 line LCD display and keypad that allows the user to interface to and
view data from USPI SMART™ battery packs.
This unit allows users to depassivate battery pack in a controlled method with
 target voltage and time periods.
Because of its limited display the time based log graphs from the logger
 are not available. To view the graphical data, the WATSON™ software
and the depassivation box are required.