WATSON™ is a custom software application that takes full advantage of the logger data
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Innova Power Solutions Inc. provides two proprietary options for connecting with SMART™ battery packs to load test, depassivate and download recorded operational data A durable field reader provides easy depassivation of the battery packs and basic information in the field. Deppasivation and load test box connected to WATSON™, a custom software application that takes full advantage of the logger data, providing detailed graphs of all information logged. Field Reader & Depassivation Box. ﷯This device is a stand alone, enclosed in a Pelican case that is weather proof and durable. It features a 4 line LCD display and keypad that allows the user to interface to and view data from INNOVA SMART™ battery packs. This unit allows users to depassivate battery pack in a controlled method with target voltage and time periods. Because of its limited display the time based log graphs from the logger are not available. The field reader connects to a PC via USB port to download and view the graphical data WATSON™ software and the depassivation box are required. 
Depassivation & Load Test Box with WATSON™ The depassivation load test box in the interface between the battery and the WATSON™ software running on a PC. The WATSON™ software runs on Microsoft Windows (XP, VIsta, 7, 10) allowing the user to interface to the battery packs to view the data recorded by the logger. This data can be downloaded to a file, printed and exported for easy sharing among customers and team members. ﷯Additionally, WATSON™ can configure a battery pack for specific operation under unique conditions. This software is required to view all the data available from the loggers. The battery pack interfaces to the PC via the depassivation box. When using WATSON™, users can run an automated test sequence on the battery pack that checks the open circuit voltage, depassivates and load tests the pack.
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